Comparing Springpad and Evernote

Springpad is a revolutionary app that can connect to Cloud. It has the ability of storing and organising any type of information that you save in the app. All the information you save can be synced across your phone, computer, and iPad. The best part is that Springpad makes use of Internet to update the info you have with data like show times, and price drops.

Springpad can organise data on its own, but you need to separate all that information into special notes to keep work and home separate. As it connects to Cloud, it could reach any data that you have kept on your phone, desktop, or any surfing device from where you wish.

Key features of Springpad

* Save

Springpad app has a lot of useful features, like the save option, which helps you to save information in specific notebooks, assign to you and much more. You can also type data into it to save it or you can also copy the data directly from the internet.

* Organize

With the help of Springpad, you can tag everything in your iPad in many ways for optimal organization. The board is another feature of Springpad that allows the users to assemble things on a digital cork board, which helps you to plan your work.

* Act

You can also post information on Twitter, Facebook, and to your email with Springpad. As it connects to Cloud, it not only updates your information when you add any new data, but also updates all the information on its own.


Evernote is also a web application that allows users to take notes on different devices and then save them on the cloud or remotely. This way, you can always have access to your information no matter what device you are using.

You can access the information written on your device through your office PC. You can work on your private notes with Evernote app or website.

Like the Springpad app, Evernote also uses Cloud technology, enabling many users to save any information from notes to recordings and pictures synchronized to any device including iPad.

Evernote also allows users to save ideas and thoughts and it also allows them to organise that content into notebooks or folders and tagged so that they can easily search the data whenever the need arises.

Another feature in Evernote app is the way users can type text within a picture for quick access and that improves the searchability by a significant extent. It also allows the users to highlight notes as “Favorite.” All the data saved are added with geo-location information for searching and mapping as well.

So, now that you know the various features of Springpad and Evernote, you can choose the one that appeals more to you, and also drop in your comments stating your choice amongst the two.

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